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Christmas Eve Morning 2011

25 Dec

This is the same picture I posted on my word blog only I crop and tweaked it a little with the program PrintShop for this blog.  This program is the only one I own that will let me crop and auto correct.  One day, I vow to purchase and more importantly learn how to use Photo Shop.  If you have Photo Shop and would like to tweak it for me I would love to see how it could really be.   You can find the original at Life is a bowl of kibble.  My only request is to not use this photo as your own, however, Photo Shop enhancement credit can be all yours.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

23 Dec


the lines is a path to our home,

a haven where the fireplace is always warming and hot chocolate is always on.

Family, friends and neighbors are always welcomed



the navigational beacons is the road to work,

where everyday is an adventure in human nature.



the trees is a little peace of mind,

where neighbors are always helping neighbors.



You and the other side is a downed tree. 

An ominous sight when traveling deep in the forest to deliver mail.



the bottom branches and the ground are bowls in the snow,

where the deer and elk can rest and wait out the storm



you and me, I would not have it any other way.

I mistakenly posted my self portrait on my word blog Life is a bow of Kibble.  Click here if you would like to check it out.

Beauty in White

2 Dec

This morning’s view was covered in white.  I hope you enjoy.  This was taken with the is5 Cannon, no edits or enhancements

A blankey of ice snuggles up to this lone pinecone



Heavy branches



The last stretch of road on the way to work


I love my mountain



First Snow of the Fall Season 2011

28 Oct

Yipee it is after Labor Day

7 Sep

I know it will be a while before the snow begins, but I could not help looking back at last winter.  I love this picture because it was so unexpected.  I throw mail with  my husband a couple of days a week.  One mid-morning we turned the corner just in time to see 4 wild horses.  Before I could grab my camera, two had escaped.