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How long do you want to be loved?

13 Sep

In order for you to get the full effect of this entry, please,  click on “Lullaby” below.  It will open a new tab and music should start to play… give it a minute to start then come back here to read and listen to the music, don’t watch the video, just listen while you read.  I really wish I was blog savvy and knew how to add music without all the hassle.  Note: The photos are virgin so don’t get mad at me that they are of poor quality.  The point of this entry is to share this interesting story.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.


This is the first time I have been on a journey of motherhood with a bird. She started this spring making a nest on the front porch.

I started thinking she was a first time mommy.  She made her nest so tall I wondered if she would be able to get in and out okay.    This would be my first time seeing  the beginning of life for a King Bird.  She sits and waits hardly ever leaving her nest. She would see me every day snapping away but she stayed put.  Good mommy.

One day I look up to see a little head poking out.  It was so ugly and cute at the same time.
Mommy was off catching bugs to feed her little one.

A few days later I am looking through the binoculars and I see another head.  Well no wonder she built her nest pretty big.  Mommy is working feverishly to feed her ever crying babies.  I see her in the evening cuddling with her little ones. It is so touching.

Like I said, a face only a mommy could love.
And they fascinate me.

Oh my goodness, they have their eyes open.  Mom is really working now.  She flies non stop all day long looking for food..  I fear she will give herself a heart attack if she doesn’t slow down.  I mean, how much can two growing babies eat?  Hey is that another head in the back????

Those babies grew up quick!  In fact, they are now bigger than mommy.  HEY! there is another head in the   back.  How in the world did mom fit in the nest with them at night?  Way to go mom triplets!  The family and I are very worried that the one on the edge is going to get pushed out.  And mom is still sleeping with them at night.  HOW?  I just don’t know.  The will of a mama is very strong.

Then this morning I notice they have made it out of the nest.  We thought she would have had them out sooner, about 3 days earlier.  I would say she is a very protective, devoted and loving mom.  Her babies cry for her.  She will only let them go to the planter and back up to the wicker shade.  Back and forth they practice.  One is brave! It pushes the boundaries and flies to the railing of the steps.

She flies to the tree and calls them. The brave one flies back to the planter and that is as far as he and the siblings are going.  Mom catches more food.      Comes over to them gives them a little treat then flies away calling for them to follow

….they sit, no one moves. It even seems they turn their head to not see mom.  Sort of like if I can’t see her she can’t see me.  Pretty soon mom coaxes them one at a time to spread their wings and follow her to the next treat.  Two of them take the bait and off they went.  They practice swooping and gliding through the air.  It is wonderful to see.  The third one decides to go back to the nest.  Lo and behold…..

THERE IS ANOTHER BABY!! Four babies.  No wonder that nest was getting flattened out.

The siblings sit together.  The little one is frozen with fear.  The other sibling keeps trying to get him to fly.  Finally he gives up and decides to try his own wings.  Off he goes.  Now there is one left.  Mom comes to sit with him. I went to gather clothes for the wash and when I return they are still there.  She starts flying back and forth from the perch to the rail.  Little one is steadfast.

Then he stands up, stretches, turns in a circle and creeps to the edge.  He gives it a longing look, appears to hold his breath, and gives it ago.  He landed on the rail.  That is him on the right.  Mom was right there with him.  Look at her she has her wing on his back.  She was not going to leave him yet.   They sat together for a minute as if mom asked him how long do you want to be loved?  Then with a sweet goodbye….  she flies to a near by tree and the baby flies into the sky.

I watched all day to see if anyone came back.  Nope, nobody.  This is their beginning.  All that time invested in these babies was worth it…….but it was so stressful sort of like watching your own kids fly off into the world.

And just like after the kids leave home you clean their room.  And now it is now time for me to wash the poo off the porch.

Until next time,