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Silent Sunday : once upon a time

12 Dec


Silent Sundays: Osha Trail

6 Nov



Osha Trail in Cloudcroft New Mexico Fall 2011.  We were out on another Geo Cache and, of course, we found it about 2 miles in.  Nice walk and beautiful colors.

Silent Sundays – Geo Cache Adventure Finds

18 Sep

I live at the top of the southern end of the Sacramento Mountains.  To say water is hard to find here, would be an understatement.  So imagination my surprise when on a Cache run I discovered this beautiful find.  Bluff Springs,  Mayhill, NM

To a non resident of this wonderful mountain world, the little trickle of a stream must seem elfin.  But to me, it was like finding gold.  Then!

OOOOOHHHHH, what a treasure I have stumbled upon.  It left me wanting more.  I walk around the bend and I saw this!

A true treat for this misplaced ocean dweller. It took a few minutes to find the cache but we DID  find it under a log.  This picture is not a spoiler so don’t worry geo-cachers.  As we left Hubs grabbed a last minute shot.

Next week I will post another water find that to this date still excites me.


Silent Sundays – Tote

11 Sep

I have had this totem for many, many years now.  It stands and protects.  Well at least I like to think it does.  When I was younger my father would take us  camping on vacations all over the United States.  Every location that had a totem my dad would plop me in front of it and he would take a picture.  My childhood pictures are long gone but the memories remain.  I feel a connection to this Totem Pole and that is why it stands in my yard.

Silent Sundays: Yes, It is True

5 Sep

She has ran a few thousand miles on these paws

That curiosity and nose of hers has lead her down a few thousand paths, even the ones that lead to trouble. (skunks)

She has smiled a thousand smiles.

And she has laughed a thousand times.  Yes It is True she laughs and laughs hard.  Everyone should have a laughing dog.  They make you feel so not alone and very appreciated.

I am crazy about my buddy.  Yes, It is true.