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You never know what you will find

23 Jan

Not only do I hunt for Geocaches I hide them.  The following is a couple of log messages I received a while back.  I thought you might enjoy reading  the funny things you may run ( cough, cough ) into while on the trail.  😉

Here is a pic of the location.  I am standing beside it looking out.

What we do for a cache.  Until next time, happy caching!


a FAMILY thing

15 Apr

Sierra Blanca

17 Nov


A day of shopping and Geo Caching lead me to view a wonderful site.


The mountain seemed to grow right before my eyes


Love that white mountain.

All photos were taken with my iPhone.


Silent Sundays: Osha Trail

6 Nov



Osha Trail in Cloudcroft New Mexico Fall 2011.  We were out on another Geo Cache and, of course, we found it about 2 miles in.  Nice walk and beautiful colors.


1 Oct

Last weekend My husband and I went Geo Caching

These are the pictures of that trip.  Note: These Pictures are not spoilers.  They are just sights we saw on the way to the cache

Steep hills and sharp drop offs

We were out in the middle of no where.  I found the cache at Heart Attack Canyon Trail.

I am ready for another cache run.

Silent Sundays – Geo Cache Adventure Finds

18 Sep

I live at the top of the southern end of the Sacramento Mountains.  To say water is hard to find here, would be an understatement.  So imagination my surprise when on a Cache run I discovered this beautiful find.  Bluff Springs,  Mayhill, NM

To a non resident of this wonderful mountain world, the little trickle of a stream must seem elfin.  But to me, it was like finding gold.  Then!

OOOOOHHHHH, what a treasure I have stumbled upon.  It left me wanting more.  I walk around the bend and I saw this!

A true treat for this misplaced ocean dweller. It took a few minutes to find the cache but we DID  find it under a log.  This picture is not a spoiler so don’t worry geo-cachers.  As we left Hubs grabbed a last minute shot.

Next week I will post another water find that to this date still excites me.